Kilowatt Machinery is an importer and distributor of quality generator sets, powered by the world’s leading engine and alternator manufacturers. Our range features sets designed for both cost effective standby applications and heavy duty prime power installations. Using our 30 years of industry experience, we work with you to deliver the right product for the right job, weather that be standby for a dairy farm or chicken shed, back up for your off-grid solar installation or prime power for irrigation, pumping or heavy machinery. We have the knowledge and the product to ensure your productivity.

Prime Power Generators

Quality is the key to prime power gensets, which are designed to run for extended periods, often in a hash unforgiving environment. Our canopies from Staunch Machinery feature a heavy duty ergonomic design and are finished with a zinc rich polymer powdercoat. Common options include galvanised steel construction, extended fuel tanks, oversized alternators and control panel upgrades.

Our prime power gensets use diesel engines from the world’s leading manufactures including Yanmar, John Deere, Cummins, Perkins (Caterpillar), FPT Iveco and Kubota. These power alternators from Stamford, Meccalte, Marelli, Leroy Somer and Staunch own cost effective brand. Control panels are by Deep Sea and AC electronics by Eaton or ABB. Using quality well respected products ensures durability and long term consistent spare parts supply and service support.

Prime power applications include irrigation, telecom sites,  pumping, aquaculture, horticulture, agriculture and operating heavy machinery that is portable or outside the grids capabilities at site such as concrete grinding, crushing machines or workshop equipment.

Standby Generators

While any generator set can be used in a standby application, by definition generators in this type of installation are simply an insurance policy and CAPEX is often a major driver in the decision-making process.

To cover this sector, Staunch Machinery have introduced the GDE range. These sets are built to the usual exacting standards in their factory in Lebanon. A battery charger and user-friendly Deep Sea 6000 series panel are fitted so the set starts when you need it, and a zinc base polymer powder coat system is applied to insure long term canopy durability.

Savings are found with the use of a well-respected and supported Chinese engine and alternator and a lighter duty canopy design that uses external assembly bolts and is therefore cheaper to manufacture.

The savings are significate and offers a viable cost effective solution to your standby power needs. Sizes range from 9 to 500kVA. Ideal applications include standby power for cow sheds, to minimise cow disruption and to ensure milk temperature is maintained, chicken sheds, telecom/communication sites and retail or factory businesses where a power cut will cause product loss or customer disruption.

The GDE gensets output power quality is suitable to operate electronics such as those found in a modern cow shed and with the addition of an ATS (automatic transfer switch) electricity is returned to you quickly and without operator intervention, unlike a PTO driven generator which tie up a tractor and require a lot of expertise to operate safely.

Generators for Off-Grid Solar Installations

Generator sets for off-grid solar applications fall into two categories, standby sets which suitable for a battery charging alternative when faced with an extended period of inclement weather and prime power gensets which offer full cover for your off-grid system and will assist with insuring an uninterrupted and robust power supply. At Kilowatt Machinery we supply both, and are happy to talk you though the pros and cons of both options. As a starting point, please read the ‘a genset for off-grid installations’ blog on this website.

All our gensets for off-grid solar installations are diesel powered and are supplied complete with a Deep Sea control panel featuring a 2-wire remote start facility and a battery charger.