Why Staunch Powered Gensets

Over the past decade Staunch Machinery has grown to become a Major Player in the Power Generation industry in the MENA region and experiencing year on year growth in Australia and the Pacific Region. This growth has attracted some of the worlds leading suppliers in the power generation industry to partner with Staunch on a global scale.

Packages & Applications

STAUNCH Power Solutions can cover all your power requirements, no matter what they may be. Staunch has a dedicated product line for a wide range of applications, be it in a rural jungle in need of telecom specific power generation, a high capacity factory in need of industrial grade power solutions, for back-up off grid solar applications or for a home in a developing country where power outages are random and frequent; Staunch’s stand-by power generation units are always ready to meet the task.

Residential Generators

Staunch’s residential power generator sets are the perfect fit for any home. Packed in an Ultra Silent canopy with a fully comprehensive manual, on-site installation manual and warranted service, Staunch’s residential solutions will light up your home all year long. It features a Certified Powder Coated Canopy design with a Power Decibel rating of 54.9 dB @ 7m rated at 50C degrees ambient temperature. No other generator can match its performance and value for money.

Generators for Industrial Applications

Staunch’s line of industrial generator sets are the excellent solution to power any industrial application needed, with a wide range of power ratings, extensive features, and durable quality, staunch set the standard when it comes to industrial grade power generation. The industrial line features the ultra silent canopies, custom built silent generator rooms, modular units with built in switch gears, biodiesel compliant sets for higher efficiency and greener enviromental impact.

Generators for Agriculture Applications

Staunch Machinery offers an exclusive line of agriculture ready generator sets well suited for semi-rural and rural areas. The range features specs like ultra silent canopies, fuel efficient engines, remote control, emergency- power off, remote on/off switches and much more.

Generators for Telecom Applications

STAUNCH has Telecom EMC Complaint Generators and has completed many successful projects with private telecom companies and governments around the world.

Hybrid Generators

Staunch Machinery provides multiple solutions for use with Green Technologies such as Wind and Solar in Off Grid applications. These are but not limited to:

  • Pure sine wave, industrial and residential dc to ac inverters off-grid as well as grid tied inverters (which do not require batteries) and UPS systems up to 800kva
  • MPP solar chargers, standalone within Staunch Inverters/UPS systems
  • Wind generators and charging controllers
  • Solar inverters for supplying 3ph power to water pumps
  • Hybrid uninterruptible power solutions systems -Depending on the customer requirements, and which can include, diesel engine, utility grid, solar panels, wind generators, Lead Acid, NiCad or Lithium batteries with design lifetime ranging from 7 to 20 years

Staunch Machinery has developed a leading true hybrid power generator set that can achieve the autonomy of up to 6 months without the need for refueling or maintenance. Staunch hybrid systems can combine up to 5 different sources of power in order to achieve ultimate efficiency. DC Generators with variable speed engines utilize those power sources to power the advanced BTS units used in Staunch Machinery’s hybrid unit. Staunch Machinery has achieved significant breakthroughs in the field of Hybrid technology and has become one of the very few companies that have the ability to produce Hybrid Generator sets. Hybrid Generator Sets are made up of a combination of: Diesel/Gas powered generator, battery backup, solar PV panels, and wind turbine, whilst still hosting a main power source. With that combination, Staunch has achieved an efficiency of up to 95% in fuel saving per a full functional set.

Generators for Critical Load Applications

Staunch Machinery provides a comprehensive solution for prime and standby power generation from 10-3000kva on bank and hospital facilities. Standby power sources are usually used When main power shuts down. Staunch’s generator sets are designed to work in indoor and outdoor environments, and meet the requirements of banks and hospitals. These requirements include noise cancellation canopies, safety compliant operation, static electricity and electro-magnetic interference compliance and more.

High quality generator sets with auto control function can be paralleled to reach desired power output. ATS equipment on every generator set ensures immediate switch and start when the main power source shuts down. With auto remote control function, genera-tor set real time operation parameters and state can be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment should faults occur.